We require at least 72 hours notice to book your reservation, depending on availability. In order to secure your slot, a $50, non-refundable, deposit is required.


In a non-weather related rescheduling, you must reschedule for a new date within 72 hours of your picnic, otherwise a penalty fee of $150 must be paid.

If you need to cancel your picnic entirely, we reserve the right to retain half of the amount paid at checkout. 

If you book a picnic, and do not show up, we reserve the right to retain the entire amount paid at checkout.

All rescheduled dates are depending on our availability - we cannot guarantee any specific dates.


If you need to reschedule your picnic due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we can apply your funds to another date within the calendar year or move your picnic to an indoor location of your choosing. We must receive notification of weather related changes 24 hours before your picnic is scheduled to begin. 

Leaving your Picnic or Rental

If you need to leave earlier than the arranged time, please call us no later than 30 minutes prior. You are responsible for all items until we return to the location.


We do not provide alcoholic beverages and are not held liable if alcohol is present during one of our picnics. It is the sole responsibility of the client to understand the alcohol laws of any venue or public space being used.

Picking a Location

We require all picnics to be held within 50 yards of vehicle access or a safe parking area. We can accommodate both outdoor and indoor picnic locations. All packages include locations within Ada County and Canyon County. Locations such as McCall, Sun Valley, Stanley etc. come with an additional charge, and will be agreed upon at the time of booking. 

Broken Items

If there is irreparable or excessive damage to our equipment, or missing equipment, additional fees will apply.

Where to Find Us


Ada County and Surrounding Areas





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